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  • Develop long, lean and toned muscles for the whole body without bulking up
  • Develop resilient and pliable muscles to reduce the tight and gripped look
  • Balance muscle systems (by allowing overworked muscles to relax while strengthening the weaker ones) and correct structural alignment problems to improve posture, relieve chronic back and neck pain, and prevent injuries
  • Balance strength with flexibility
  • Breathe properly for ease of movement, releasing muscle tension, and revitalizing the body
  • Release joints to open up the body
  • Maintain a uniformly developed body to enjoy physicality well into advanced age


  • Increase body awareness
  • Calm and destress the mind
  • Increase stamina for everyday activities
  • Develop mental focus and increase concentration

Whether you are 20, 50, or 80 years old, sedentary or active, generally healthy or living with some disability, Pilates is for you.

Endorsed by doctors, physical therapists, dancers and professional athletes around the world, Pilates is the best all around physical and mental conditioning system. It is excellent for the rehabilitation of injuries, improving posture problems and relieving chronic back and shoulder pain.

The outcome is a thinking body a smart body one that is resilient, balanced and more resistant to injury. Pilates leads to:

  • Better posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased overall strength
  • Better balance
  • Restored alignment
  • Joint release
  • Improved focus