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Q & A

Who should practice Pilates?

Pilates is for everyone. As with any new exercise regimen, consult your physician before beginning. At One Pilates Studio, clients are given exceptional one-on-one attention in our private sessions to help develop an exercise program that fits their personal needs and goals.

I've heard that Pilates is fairly difficult...
is that true?

At One Pilates Studio we offer clients one-on-one sessions with instructors in order to design a program tailored to your ability level. You can expect to be able to perform the exercises comfortably and safely. As your strength and flexibility increases, more challenging exercises will be introduced.

What can I expect from a beginner class?

The basics of the Pilates system teaches you about the position, alignment and movement of every part of your body and how these parts are interconnected and work with each other. Pilates also focuses on postural correction and alignment awareness. Overall, you will notice increased energy and stamina after participating in a Pilates regimen.

Although One Pilates Studio offers both Pilates and Gyrotonic® training, focusing on improving posture and alignment, Pilates exercises work mostly in a linear line of motion, while Gyrotonic® uses circular, spiraling movements in various lines of motion. Clients at our studio benefit from our unique integrated program design that incorporates both Gyrotonic® and Pilates, as well as other exercise systems to attain optimal results.

How is Pilates different from other
fitness regimens?

Pilates is a gentle and effective form of exercise that combines eastern and western principles of mental awareness and physical vitality. You will be taught to exercise with the main Pilates principles of concentration, focus, and centering. The majority of the exercises incorporates the whole body. At One Pilates Studio we incorporate both mat and apparatus training as part of the entire Pilates program.

Is Pilates an effective weight loss method?

It is recommended that Pilates is incorporated with cardiovascular workouts as part of an entire fitness regime. Although Pilates is highly effective at improving flexibility, postural alignment, circulation, muscle toning, and core strengthening, cardio activity before a Pilates mat class or private training session is also highly effective and recommended.

What are the differences between Pilates and Yoga?

There are many types of Yoga, but Pilates incorporates strengthening the core stomach muscles and back muscles, increasing circulation, lengthening and toning muscles, focusing on neutral spine alignment, and improving joint mobility. Unlike yoga, there are no static postures in Pilates - therefore Pilates has been referred to as the "moving yoga" exercise program.

How often can I practice Pilates?

For maximum results, start out with two one-hour sessions a week and then possibly increase to three or four times a week. This can be achieved by participating in a mat class, private sessions, or group equipment classes.

How soon can I notice results?

This depends on your lifestyle and the frequency of your sessions. A Pilates program along with a healthy diet, regular cardio workouts, and weight training will help reform your body. Don’t expect a ‘quick fix’ with Pilates – the best results will occur over time with regular attendance of classes.