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Mission Statement

Imagine your body free of strains and pains, with all its elements re-aligned and enhanced for a balanced and coherent wholeness.

Imagine your mind strengthened and sharpened; freed of pains from worn rusty joints and unconscious yet damaging compensations that routine modern living imposes.

Imagine your soul soothed by an unfolding of our latent potential, towards supple mechanics that improve at any ages revitalized knees, back, and neck that make your sleeping, walking, standing, and sitting more at ease through time.

Now imagine a studio where your mind, soul and body are being taken care of in a relaxing environment, whereby trained, experienced and dedicated teachers guide you through individual or group sessions that aim at giving you results.

Our mission requires technique, care, and expertise and a place that has a pleasant and soothing atmosphere, where clients can enjoy the comprehensive array of equipment and apparatus, that will efficiently set the body back to harmony.

This place, is ours, at One Pilates Studio.