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Pilates Today


For improvement of overall physical condition and coordination. The sessions are gentle, progressive and tailored to your personal needs.


For rehabilitation following injuries and especially for those suffering from neck and back problems. Exercises are performed to condition the entire body not just the problem area, so that the supporting muscles are sufficiently strengthened to assist the area to be rehabilitated.

Sports Training

A custom program to help attain specific body and/or muscular performance objectives for sport enthusiasts and professionals. It will greatly enhance your performance whether you play golf or tennis, whether you sail, or run, hike and swim. Olympic athletes incorporate Pilates into their training routines, so why not try it?


Progressive Yoga enthusiasts and teachers also embody Pilates principles to ensure their practice of yoga is safe.


For balanced muscle development and structural alignment so that dancers can assume difficult positions effortlessly and repeatedly without injury.


To begin with, exercises are done mostly lying down with the spine fully supported, so it is the safest way for developing strength, agility, and coordination. Pilates is an excellent treatment for osteoporosis as elderly clients can progress to exercises that include bending and standing. This promotes balance, as well as helping to develop the ability to bear weight, all of which address the issues of osteoporosis. It is also excellent for arthritic conditions as the exercises promote joint release and mobility.

Pre/post maternal

The exercises are gentle enough to suit pregnant women. The programs are tailor-made to accommodate the structural and physiological changes that happen month to month, so that you can safely and effectively condition your body during all stages of your pregnancy. After giving birth, Pilates will help train and strengthen your body, quickly bringing your body back to shape and giving you the much needed energy to look after your new born baby safely.


The non-jarring movements are perfect for getting back to shape without stressing the joints. Pilates is also an ideal way to help adults and children increase lean muscle mass as part of a controlled weight-loss program.


Re-trains and aligns the body to achieve optimal function for golf. For getting a correctly aligned body leading to lower handicap, longer drives, and reduced injuries. Focus on shoulder & core stability and mobility, as well as torso rotation - all essentials for a great swing.

Although over the years the original method has evolved and adapted to new research findings and the varying focuses of different Pilates teachers, the basic Pilates principles still hold. The basic principles are:

  • Concentration
  • Centering
  • Breathing
  • Precision
  • Control
  • Practice
  • Flowing Movements