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Mat Classes

At One Pilates Studio, we offer a wide range of mat classes for beginners to the most advanced students. To ensure personal attention and safety, class sizes are limited to 10 people per class. Each class lasts for 60 minutes. Placement in the appropriate class is at the discretion of the instructor.

Once Clients have attended Beginner Mat, they can drop in on these classes if space is available or at the discretion of the instructor; this policy applies to intermediate and advanced classes, although the recommended clients book ahead of time to ensure a space is available. Because all exercises are performed on a mat without equipment but sometimes props such as balls, towels, blocks, fitness circles, these exercises are suitable to practice at home or when traveling. Clients who attend regular equipment classes may also drop in on mat classes (the appropriate level will be determined by the instructor). Clients with no experience of mat or equipment classes will naturally be asked to join the beginner mat class.

Beginner Mat

Clients will be introduced to the fundamentals of Pilates mat work and basic exercises to strengthen back muscles and especially the deep abdominals in order to improve posture and flexibility. Although the class is taught in a group setting, specific modifications to the exercises will be made so that each exercise will be suited to each individual for safety and effectiveness.

Intermediate Mat

Using the fundamentals taught in the beginner mat class, the Instructor will teach clients some of the more advanced mat work exercises while fine-tuning the movement quality, placement, and correct form of the basic mat exercises.

Advance Mat

Through a combination of the exercises learned in Beginner and Intermediate Mat, the advanced class adds variations to the exercises through the use of props such as a towel and mini-ball for an extra challenge and the emphasis is placed on creating flow from exercise to exercise for building stamina. This is a challenging and stimulating class for advanced clients who have completed the other two mat classes or clients attending regular equipment classes.

* Please note that to ensure suitability and safety, clients will be screened by an instructor before enrolment into this program.