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Sessions Offered

Class Sizes

We have a high level of supervision in our classes, with one instructor assigned to no more than 3-4 students. To ensure personal attention and safety, the class size is limited to six people per session for which two instructors will be present.

Quikstart Intro Series

This is a two week program that introduces you to the basics of the Pilates method using the Pilates equipment. Classes are limited to 4-6 people and the series includes one Private session in order to create your individual program; four Intro Series group sessions of 60 minutes each and 10 Equipment group sessions during off-peak hours. In total, you benefit from 15 sessions.

Private Sessions

Clients work one-on-one with an instructor for a session of 60-75 minutes either on the equipment or through mat work. These private sessions are necessary for building a personal program before you can join one of the group equipment classes. A minimum of six private sessions is required unless you have enrolled in the Quikstart Intro Series. A private lesson is also recommended as a review after a long absence from a regular Pilates practice due to physical changes such as pregnancy, injury, or illness. We also encourage this type of session for clients who cannot attend regular group equipment sessions.

Group Equipment Sessions

Once clients have a personal program developed for them from completing a minimum of four private sessions they may join the group equipment classes. Sessions run from 60-75 minutes under constant supervision from the instructors. For clients who want to see optimal performance enhancement and alignment changes we recommend three sessions per week.

Led Reformer Series

This is a group reformer class with the instructor leading the exercises for a session that lasts 60-75 minutes. Constant supervision from the instructor is provided in this group environment with one instructor overseeing a maximum of four clients. Three sessions per week are encouraged and clients taking a mat class once per week are encouraged to take this as an additional class in order to see optimal performance enhancement and alignment changes.