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teacher training

Training Workshops

Our teacher training program is a combination of theory and practical. We are the only studio that is able to offer comprehensive practical training for our students, allowing them to work with our existing clients due to our consistent and large client base. Trainees are also assigned to new clients, under the supervision of a qualified instructor, allowing them to work with a client from the start of the studentís training program in order to experience how clients progress through their training.

One Pilates Studio is the certifying studio for the Physicalmind Institute in Asia offering three key courses that lead to Pilates Certification. The Physicalmind Institute was founded in 1991 as the Institute for the Pilates Method and is the largest organisation for Certification, Membership and Materials. The Institute created the first international certification program to teach all the original work of Joseph Pilates and the current modifications substantiated by clinical research. For more information about our courses please ask at reception for one of our Teacher Training packs or call us on +852 6907 7311.